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CID-00978: Lug, Copper, Uninsulated, Secondary, Compession Terminal

  Transformer Structure, 200A Wells, Loop Feed, Radial Connection, Single Phase, Deadfront, Padmount
  Transformer Low Voltage Spade Terminal with Lugs, Aluminum, Secondary Assembly
Class Name: Lug, Copper, Uninsulated, Secondary, Compession Terminal
ANSI C119.4 American National Standard for Electric Connectors Connectors for Use Between Aluminum-to-Aluminum or Aluminum-to-Copper Conductors
Summary: Lug, Copper, Uninsulated, Secondary, Compession Terminal


Typical this type of aluminum compression lug is intended for terminating aluminum cable to a copper or aluminum surface. The terminals shall meet the requirements of ANSI C119.4 and NEMA SG 14.10, Standard for Aluminum Connectors for Aluminum Conductors. Tin-plating of terminals is required for copper to aluminum connections and may be required for aluminum to aluminum.

Each lug (terminal) is typically factory filled with a measured amount of oxide-inhibiting compound that will not affect the dielectric strength or power factor of cables installed with butyl, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, or cross-linked polyethylene insulation.

Each lug typically has durable markings showing conductor size, die diameter, number of crimps and the manufacturer's name or trademark, and catalog number of the connector.

Typically lug ends are sealed to prevent leakage or contamination of the inhibitor.



aluminumcompressionlug1.png [1]


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