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CID-00977: Oxide Inhibitor Compound, with Grit

  Transformer Structure, 200A Wells, Loop Feed, Radial Connection, Single Phase, Deadfront, Padmount
  Transformer Low Voltage Spade Terminal with Lugs, Aluminum, Secondary Assembly
  Splice, Al or Cu, Service Entrance, Insulated, Non-Tension
Class Name: Oxide Inhibitor Compound, with Grit
Summary: Oxide inhibiting compound contains homogeneously suspended metallic particles to penetrate the wiresí oxides, establish electrical continuity and forms an airtight connection.


Typically oxide inhibitor with grit is used to be used between bolted connections. The grit is conductive so that the oxide inhibitor seals the connection from oxygen and moisture while providing a conductive path.


oxideinhibitorwithgrit.png [1]


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