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CID-00848: Single Phase Low Profile Padmount Distribution Transformer

  Pad-Mounted Distribution Transformers
  Transformer Structure, 200A Wells, Radial Feed, Single Phase, Deadfront, Padmount
  Transformer Structure, 200A Wells, Loop Feed, Radial Connection, Single Phase, Deadfront, Padmount
  Single Phase, Loop Feed, Padmount Transformer, Structure
  Single Phase, Loop Feed, Open Point, Padmount Transformer, Structure
Class Name: Single Phase Low Profile Padmount Distribution Transformer
High Voltage Parking Stand Assembly
High Voltage Bushing Assembly
Padmount Transformer Failure
Summary: Padmount transformers are installed at customer facilities to change the voltage level to a level suitable for utilization by the customers. These transformers are installed at ground level and mounted on a base (typically concrete or fiberglass).

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